26 December 2011

Hugo Review (contains spoilers)

As many of you who have been reading this blog for a while know, Hugo has been one of the films I've been looking forward to the most throughout the year and now I have seen the film. So does it live up to my expectations. No. Hugo completely surpassed those expectations and Hugo is now up there with True Grit for the place of my favourite film of 2011. Now this is one of the few reviews I am making in which I will be including a spoiler warning as, on order to share my full thoughts on Hugo, I need to give away the big twist in the middle of the film so if you haven't seen Hugo yet, do not read the rest of this review until you have. Trust me.

24 December 2011

My Thoughts on the Critic's Choice Awards Nominations

It's Awards Season time again and like last year, I'll be giving my views on the nominations in the major awards in the categories of Will Win, Should Win and Missing. Starting off this year is the Critics Choice Awards so with the nominations, here we go:

11 December 2011

Fantastic "The Dark Knight Rises" Poster

Yesterday, the new poster for The Dark Knight Rises was released. My reaction: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like Bane will break the Bat in this film. Now I really do think that Batman will die by the end of the film.

28 November 2011

RIP Ken Russell

You shall be sorely missed and your mark on film shall be forever remembered.
Below is a trailer for his most infamous film, The Devils.

15 November 2011

My Ideal Cast for the Doctor Who Movie

Yesterday it was revealed that there were plans for David Yates to direct a big screen Dr Who movie. In my opinion I think this would be a really good idea, Yates got his start directing BBC dramas and followed it up with highly anticipated fantasy films, in other words, Yates is perfect to direct a big screen Dr Who movie. However though, the film will not follow the continuity of the TV series and start afresh, planning to introduce Dr Who to a new audience and will have a new cast. So, seeing as I now consider it a monthly tradition to do these casting bits. Here is my ideal cast for the Dr Who movie, starting with the main man himself:

7 November 2011

Star Trek's Next Villain

Thanks to Empire for the story here.

With the news that JJ Abrams wants Benicio Del Toro to be the villain in Star Trek 2. My guess is that you'll here some speeches like this throughout the film.

29 October 2011

My Ideal Cast for The Power of Five

Right now, one of my favourite book series is the Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz and I am amazed that, seeing how any book series aimed at teenagers can be made into a film, even if it isn't good to begin with (Twilight), this series hasn't been picked up to be made into a film. Seeing as I love this series so much, I think I should tell you who I think should play most of the key roles in the series. I won't be going over the Five themselves because I feel that unknowns should play them. That said, let's start with the main character in the series that isn't a member of the Five:

16 October 2011

I Wasn't Expecting This

A few weeks ago I made a post about the possible directors for the new Twilight Zone film from the good (Christopher Nolan) to the WTF (Michael Bay). Now the director for the film has been revealed as Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield and Let Me In. I did not expect that. While I didn't suspect that Reeves would get the job, looking back on his career, I think Reeves is actually really good for the job. You can say many things about Reeves, good or bad, but you cannot deny that he's fearless. He directed an American remake/adaptation of one of the most highly acclaimed vampire stories of all time, already filmed in what some call the greatest vampire film of all time in its native Sweden, with Let Me In and the reviews of the film were virtually all positive, with the exception of die-hard fans of the original like Mark Kermode. This fearlessness is exactly what a director needs to make a Twilight Zone film and I'm really excited to see what Reeves will do with the film.

9 October 2011

Idiocy At Its Finest

Just when you thought that American's couldn't possibly get any stupider, after a woman in Michigan watches Drive, this happens.

There are no words to describe the sheer level of idiocy on display, this person doesn't even deserve a full face-palm. All they deserve is this:

Edit: Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be any more idiotic stories about Drive, this happens. America, you can be really stupid some times.

3 October 2011

Warner Bros is (virtually) Spot On With Directors

Thanks to Empire, I have found out the possible directors of the new Twilight Zone film. Currently Christopher Nolan is the top choice. Thank God. After Memento, The Prestige and Inception, Nolan is perfect to direct a film based on The Twilight Zone, his signature brand of intelligence and insanity fits well with the tone of certain episodes of The Twilight Zone. Some of the other choices for directors are great as well. After Children of Men I really want to see what Alfonso Cuaron could do with The Twilight Zone and it's great to see offers coming in for David Yates and Rupert Wyatt following their success with the Harry Potter films and Rise of the Planet of the Apes respectively. There's one name on this list however which I find baffling to include. Warner Bros, you're making a serious sci-fi film which is meant to be really intelligent, why, in the name of God, is Michael Bay on the list. If the Transformers films are anything to go on, Bay shouldn't even be on a list of candidates to direct a Twilight Zone film. He can't do intelligence or suspense and I don't think there are many Twilight Zone episodes with the military in them for Bay to fantasize all over. If it was up to me, Nolan would be made director as soon as possible but then again Warner Bros could choose another director and, as long as it isn't Bay, I'll be happy with whoever they choose.

1 October 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie Review

Being a 16 year old in England I am of course a fan of The Inbetweeners, the great characters and the cringeworthy scenes give it the realistic feel that those events really did happen to a group of friends like that. That being said, I initially had some misgivings over this film, it's very rare that feature length adaptations of comedy TV shows work but when they do, they can become comedic classics, see Borat, In The Loop and The Simpsons Movie. Thankfully, The Inbetweeners Movie is a very good film, well fitting as a finale to the story of these characters.

22 September 2011

First Look at Tim Burton's Latest Film, Dark Shadows

For the past few years, the quality of Tim Burton's films has steadily been declining. Sure there's been some bright spots (Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd) but mainly Burton has been making his films more style over substance culminating in the career low of last years, Alice in Wonderland. But next year, it looks like Burton is going back to basics with a feature length remake of his second short film, Frankenweenie, and his big film next year, Dark Shadows. Today, the first official picture of the film was released which is shown below, followed by my thoughts on the picture and the film in general.

15 September 2011

The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo

In my time doing this blog I have seen many trailers. Some great (Super 8, Hugo, The Dark Knight Rises) and some which are downright horrific (Jack and Jill) but none are more epic than this, the fourth spoof trailer for The Muppets. The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo.
Really funny trailer, great music and the sound byte from Pacman, perfect Muppets touch.

28 August 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review

This is a clear example of a film in which the marketing campaign really screwed up. The trailers for this made it look terrible. A cash cow capitalizing on the popularity of the original Planet of the Apes with a stupid message that experiments to cure diseases like Altzheimer's would destroy humanity. That could not be further from the truth, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is one of the best films that you will see all year.

Captain America: The First Avenger Review

This is it, the final Marvel Studios film made to set up The Avengers. How does it compare to the others, while it isn't as good as Iron Man, it manages to reach the same factor of pure entertainment and fun of Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2, mostly due to one thing. Joe Johnston gets this type of film.

5 August 2011

My Guess on the 2012 Academy Awards Nominations Halfway Through The Year

Seeing as half of the year has gone and some of my thoughts for films that will be nominated for Oscars have changed, I thought that I will do another one of my predictions for the Oscars reflecting my opinions halfway through the year. I will be doing a final one of these at the end of the year to reflect on the year as a whole and my guesses will be based now on critical opinion and films that will be playing at the Toronto and Venice film festivals that I know will be released in the US this year so here we go first off with:

21 July 2011

My Thoughts on the Trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (David Fincher version)

I haven't seen the original Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, not for lack of trying as it is a bit impossible for me to buy it as it's an 18 in the UK and I'm 16, nor have I read the original novel but going on this trailer, I'm intrigued with this film.

My Thoughts on the Trailer for The Amazing Spiderman

Basically, it looks crap.

19 July 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

The end of the Christopher Nolan string of Batman films is in sight. The sequel to my third favorite film of all time finally has a trailer, and it is incredible.

Not Again Universal

This is a message to Universal, why are you constantly harming the geek community through your film choices. First you cancel Guillermo Del Toro's adaptation of At The Mountains of Madness and now you cancel Ron Howard's ambitious project of adapting Stephen King's epic fantasy series, The Dark Tower. Did you really lose that much money from Scott Pilgrim? So now, we geeks get more Fast and the Furious films and no groundbreaking adaptations of Stephen King fantasy books. Thanks Universal.

Thanks to Empire for relaying this information here.

18 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Review (Contains Massive Spoilers)

This is it, the official end of my childhood. Harry Potter, a film series that I have grown up watching and have been aging with alongside the characters has come to an end. And the end is fantastic. Be warned, in order for me to divulge my true thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, I have to spoil the ending of the film, but to those who haven't read the book yet, you deserve spoilers.

15 July 2011

My Thoughts on the Hugo Trailer

As anyone who has read this blog for a long time knows, I have been highly anticipating the new film from Martin Scorcese, Hugo (formerly The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which to me is a much better title). I have repeatedly stated that this film has the best cast of the year (outside of Harry Potter) and the fact that pioneer of film special effects, Georges Melies, is involved in the plot only added to my anticipation. Now a trailer for Hugo has been released.

12 July 2011

The Most Horrific Thing You Will See All Year

I have seen some true horrors over the years, the good kind (Attack the Block) and the bad kind (Mega Piranha) but believe me, I have never seen something as truly horrific as this. This is the only horror I've seen to actually make me feel a little bit ill after watching it. I will include a link to this horror but be warned, those of a nervous disposition should not click on the jump, you will not be prepared for the true horror of the trailer for Jack and Jill staring Adam Sandler.

Best of 2011, Halfway Through The Year

It is now halfway through 2011 and I think it is best to see the best of film at this halfway point. I will be doing different categories and I will not be giving full thoughts on each one, I'll be saving that for the end of the year. So lets get started with:

Super 8 Review

Last week I was on holiday in Florida with my family and whilst there we took the opportunity to watch some films in American cinemas. One was X-Men: First Class, which I have already given my views on here, the other was JJ Abrams' Super 8, one of the best films that I have seen this year. Since this isn't out in the UK until August 8th, I will not be giving away any spoilers in this review for anything major in the film. Go see the film and discover the design of the alien for yourself.

24 June 2011

Senna Review

Right up front I will say that I have never seen a single Formula 1 race and I have never followed anything related to Formula 1. That said though, Senna is a fantastic film and even those who have never watched a single Formula 1 race will find something to like with Senna.

18 June 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 Review

I went into this expecting a fun little action film with some goofy moments and great action. My expectations were greatly surpassed, Kung Fu Panda 2 continues the increase of quality films that Dreamworks Animation has been making since Monsters vs Aliens. This is one of Dreamworks' stronger films and I suggest that you all see it as soon as possible.

14 June 2011

X-Men: First Class Review

I have to say this right now, this is the best of all the X-Men films. Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman both understand what makes X-Men great. Complex characters and over the top action and both come by the bucketload in this film.

28 May 2011

Attack the Block Review

When I first heard about this film, I wasn't expecting much, that was until I saw the trailer and found that Nick Frost was staring in it and it was being produced by Nira Park and Edgar Wright, the duo behind Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Those people being involved peaked my curiosity. My thoughts on the film, incredible. You need to see Attack the Block as soon as possible, there are no other films like it that will be released for the rest of the year.

22 May 2011

My Thoughts on the MTV Award Nominations

Normally I have been firmly against the MTV awards, aside from the acceptance speeches the awards in general are terrible, although not as bad as the National Movie Awards. First things first, I still hate the fact that Twilight is still getting award consideration from teens. Those films are terrible and the sooner the series ends, the better. That said, this year, aside from the Twilight nominations, the choices for the MTV awards are actually not that bad. I will be looking at some of the key categories and seeing how good the nominees are.

21 May 2011

My Thoughts on the Tintin Trailer

This year will see the ultimate fantasy for the British film geek. A film involving the top talent of Britain in terms of acting and writing. That film is The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn and a trailer has just been released, here are my thoughts.
First of all the animation is gorgeous, some of the shots in this film rival live action scenes, especially those in the desert, in terms of sheer beauty. The character animation looks really believable through the motion capture and it currently looks as if Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have avoided the Uncanny Valley. It looks like Jamie Bell will be great as Tintin giving in a great voice for the role and the animation for Snowy is brilliant as well. I really want to see footage of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Andy Serkis as the T(h)ompsons and Captain Haddock receptively. So far it looks like the script and set-pieces are great courtesy of screenwriters Steven Moffat (head writer for Doctor Who), Edgar Wright (writer/director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim) and Joe Cornish (writer/director of Attack the Block, which you need to see in the cinema whilst it's still on). All in all, I cannot wait for this film to come out, get my seat ready on 26th October (UK release)

9 May 2011


I have just heard that a plague upon humanity has just got a poster, a film made by 2 of the biggest hacks in film history, a film with absolutely no positive aspect to it, a film which looks like torture. Those of a nervous disposition do not click on the jump, if you do you will never recover.

8 May 2011

Trailers Galore

It's been a while since I've had a look at some film trailers so I'll have a look at 5 today:
First of all Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

This is a great trailer filled with a lot of action, brilliant music a lot of sights from the book and some new things that weren't in the book (Harry forcing himself and Voldemort of the ruins of Hogwarts being key) and it doesn't reveal any major spoilers for those who haven't read Deathly Hallows yet. All in all I'm really looking forward to this film.

7 May 2011

The Worst Films I've Ever Seen

You can't be a film geek and not watched some truly horrible films. Thankfully, I haven't seen any of the films on the IMDB 100 worst films list but I have seen some stinkers none the less. Here are the worst films I've ever seen with accompanying reviews linked in.

  1. Pain and Gain
  2. Batman and Robin
  3. Twilight
  4. Mega Piranha
  5. Wrong
  6. The Waterboy
  7. Epic Movie
  8. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  9. A Good Day To Die Hard
  10. You Got Served

2 May 2011

Thor Review

First things first, stay through the credits. Trust me, there is a very important plot point for both the ending of this film and next years The Avengers (which is the only superhero film I'm looking forward to more than The Dark Knight Rises coming out next year). That said lets get into my spoiler-free review of Thor.

14 April 2011

Source Code Review (contains spoilers)

Yesterday I watched the new film from Duncan Jones, Source Code. Now to give my full opinion on the film I will have to spoil the ending so you have been warned. If you want my summary, go and watch Source Code, it is the best sci-fi film since Inception and will probably be the best sci-fi film of the year, go and watch Source Code as soon as you can. If you have seen the film then click on the jump and read my full thoughts on the film.

12 April 2011

Kick-Ass Review

To celebrate the announcement at Kapow Comic Con that there will be a Hit Girl comic, I thought it would be best to give my thoughts on the film that put Hit Girl on the map, Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass written by Jane Goldman and based on the comic by Mark Millar.

10 April 2011

My Encounters With Those in Film

I have always been trying to meet people from film in one form or another since I truly appreciated the art of film.  In this entry I will be mentioning all the times that I have encountered those from the film world, either through webchats or meeting them face to face. Every time that I have a new encounter with someone from film I will upload whatever I can. To that end lets dive in.

9 April 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Review

So far I have had two big firsts in my film year, my first Coen Brother's film True Grit and now my first Werner Herzog film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Based on this film I will now be searching out the complete filmography of Herzog to watch in the future. This is a fascinating film, worth watching just to see how beautiful the images in the cave are.

5 April 2011

My Ideal Cast for the Batman Reboot

Next year, Christopher Nolan will end his series of Batman films with The Dark Knight Rises. After that the series will be rebooted with a new director and a new cast. I thought that I should give my thoughts on who should be which character, as well as possible directors, for the next film. I will also not be choosing anyone for the same role they played in any other Batman film.

3 April 2011

Mega Piranha Review

This film is my first experience of the "quality" of the films made by The Asylum, makers os Transmorphers, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and most recently Battle of Los Angeles. I have to say this right now, Mega Piranha is one of the worst films I have ever seen, so bad that I gladly watched 15 minutes of advertisements just so that I couldn't keep watching the film (before you ask I didn't change the channel as I wanted to get a full impression of Mega Piranha in one sitting, I regret it now). Click on the jump to read my full thoughts on the film.

2 April 2011

My DVD Collection

Since I have so many DVD's I thought that I would let you know all the films that I have, any films in my collection that I have reviewed, I will link my review of them. I will also be constantly updating this list every time I get a new DVD. Since I do not order my DVD's there will be no specific order here, also keep in mind that a few of these films I got when I was under 10 and my film mind wasn't fully formed so that said here we go:

20 March 2011

Winter's Bone Review (contains spoilers)

The second film that I rented from Blockbuster yesterday was another Academy Award nominated film by a female director, Winter's Bone. In summary, a really good film with great suspense and performances, even if it is slightly overrated.

The Kids Are All Right Review (contains spoilers)

Just rented this film from Blockbuster and watched it, in summary really good film with some great performances with just a few little niggles holding the film back from being perfect. I you want my full thoughts click on the jump.

19 March 2011

My Top 50 Favorite Movies

I thought that in order to show my taste in film I should make a list of my favorite films, if you want any of these films to be reviewed I will be happy to oblige in a full review, any films which I have already reviewed will be linked in here. Let's dive into my top 50 favorite films (from 1-50):
  1. Aliens
  2. The Elephant Man
  3. The Shawshank Redemption
  4. The Wicker Man (1973)
  5. Cloud Atlas (C)
  6. The Dark Knight (C)
  7. 12 Angry Men (C)
  8. Pulp Fiction
  9. Monty Python's Life of Brian (C)
  10. Persepolis
  11. The Before Trilogy (I can't choose which one is best)
  12. Across the Universe
  13. In The Loop
  14. Jurassic Park (C)
  15. The Prestige
  16. It's A Wonderful Life (C)
  17. Toy Story 2 (C)
  18. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  19. Citizen Kane (C)
  20. Reservoir Dogs
  21. Fruitvale Station (C)
  22. Back to the Future (C)
  23. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  24. Avengers Assemble (C)
  25. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  26. WALL-E (C)
  27. Hugo (C)
  28. Iron Man (C)
  29. Shaun of the Dead
  30. Star Wars: A New Hope
  31. Inception (C)
  32. Serenity
  33. Hot Fuzz
  34. Letters From Iwo Jima
  35. Up (C)
  36. Kick-Ass (C)
  37. Pan's Labyrinth
  38. The World's End (C)
  39. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (C)
  40. Raiders of the Lost Ark (C)
  41. Memento
  42. Sicko
  43. The Green Mile
  44. Argo (C)
  45. The Dark Knight Rises (C)
  46. The Artist (C)
  47. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  48. Good Night and Good Luck
  49. Fargo
  50. Stand By Me
(C) = Seen in Cinema

Memento Review (contains spoilers)

First I want to start with a message to Christopher Nolan, can you make one bad movie to prove you're human, Memento is the fourth film of yours to go into my top 50 favorite films list (will post that soon), you are the human equivalent of Pixar, you can never make a bad movie. That said, let me get into my review of Memento.

13 March 2011

Super 8 Trailer

On Friday, the film with the most secretive plot since Inception, Super 8 got a trailer. It looks brilliant.
The way that JJ Abrams directs the film makes the action and the staging look incredible. I can guarantee that people who grew up with Super 8 cameras will be having nostalgic flashbacks while watching the film and the Steven Spielberg style from Close Encounters and ET comes through fully with the setting and tone of the film. The action scenes in the film look incredible and will fit really well in IMAX. I will be going to see the film when it comes out, in IMAX if I can. Lets hope that Abrams and Spielberg can deliver after this incredible trailer.

8 March 2011

A Message to Universal

Universal, you currently employ the most creative director in the film industry, Guillermo Del Toro. He has wanted to make an adaptation of HP Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness for years. Why do you not want him to make that film. Pacific Rim just sounds like your average monster movie and nothing to promote the creative talents of Del Toro. I will only accept you giving Del Toro this project if you do what Warner Bros did with Christopher Nolan. If Pacific Rim makes enough money, allow Del Toro to make At The Mountains of Madness. Or at the very least, let him do Hellboy 3.


6 March 2011

My Take on the "Super" Trailer

The trailer for the film Super came out a few days ago and I want to give my thoughts on the trailer. As of now, all Super looks like is a more extreme version of Kick-Ass. Nothing wrong with that mind you, I loved Kick-Ass but the trailer looks like it is missing some of the charm that made Kick-Ass great. The motive for Rainn Wilson, who is giving the performance of his life based on the trailer, makes the character seem quite unlikable based on the trailer, with the motive looking just like revenge. Ellen Page looks like she will do a great job as Libby, yet Page doesn't quite present the shock factor and bad-assery that Chloe Grace Moretz brought in with Kick-Ass. Liv Tyler doesn't do much, this is just a teaser trailer and I am looking forward to seeing more footage of Kevin Bacon and Nathan Fillion in the film. Overall, Super looks like it will be a good, violent movie, yet it has to present a lot more in order to convince people that it isn't just Kick-Ass without the charm.

1 March 2011

Tarantino's Latest

It is currently going around that Quentin Tarantino will be directing a spaghetti western in the near future, reuniting with Christoph Waltz. I have to say, well chosen Tarantino. Any film geek will know that Tarantino's favorite film is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and that he is a big fan of westerns in general. This would show that Tarantino knows how to make a good western and will distribute some of his knowledge of the genre into this film. Christoph Waltz will be in the film and will play the baddie, because he has to. Going of his films after departing Tarantino you have to wonder if Tarantino will make him credible as a villain again, especially after The Green Hornet. So far, mark me intrigued about this film and I am really looking forward to it.
Source: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/48669

28 February 2011

2011 Oscars - My Views on the Ceremony

This years Oscar ceremony was completely predictable, King's Speech won big, Social Network won a few, Inception should have got a lot more and True Grit was completely snubbed. Here are my views on the categories that I thought were the most interesting.

24 February 2011

My Thoughts on the Empire Awards 2011

First thing's first, thank the good lord that there is an awards ceremony that honors the geeky side of film. I will give my thoughts on each category in order to present my full thoughts on each category with the small number enabling me to do this. Here we go:

19 February 2011

Kramer vs Kramer Review (contains spoilers)

This is the final review in my Glasgow Film Festival series of reviews. Overall I really enjoyed the festival films I watched and the films released in the Glasgow cinemas at the time. It is a shame that I couldn't watch Battle Royale 3D, The Deer Hunter and Superman 2: The Richard Donner Cut (first time showing in a UK cinema). So now, onto Kramer vs Kramer. Now this review does contain spoilers so to those who don't want to know how the film ends do not click on the jump.

18 February 2011

True Grit Review (contains spoilers)

This is the third review in my Glasgow Film Festival series and so far this is the best film I have seen, not just at the film festival but of the year so far. True Grit is incredible, plain and simple. There will be spoilers in this review so those of you who do not want the film to be spoiled, do not click the jump.

17 February 2011

Paul Review (Contains Spoilers)

This is my second review in my Glasgow Film Festival series of reviews. Now there will be spoilers in this review so those of you who haven't seen Paul, do not click on the jump. If you want my opinion, Paul is a very funny movie and worth all of your time, go and see it.

16 February 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's Review (Contains Spoliers)

First film I saw at the Glasgow Film Festival was Breakfast at Tiffany's yesterday. Main thought, brilliant film. Audrey Hepburn is incredible as Holly Golightly and really should have got an Oscar for her performance. George (Hannibal Smith) Peppard is also great as her love interest. Mickey Rooney is really funny as Mr Yunioshi, if slightly offensive. The character of Holly is brilliant, one minute being a charming woman who visits men in prison, the next being a wild party animal, the next singing Moon River while playing the guitar. The way that the character works is also really good with her constant scrounging of money and trying to marry the rich, despite love staring her in the face. The film is also really funny with the actions of Cat, the character of Mr Yunioshi and Holly getting drunk. However it is not a perfect film, some of the plot points are introduced and then forgotten about, such as Holly's husband Doc and the death of Fred. The ending also seems to be a bit rushed with no full resolution to the Sally Tomato story-line and the way that Holly and Paul fully become a couple being really contrived. Despite these flaws the performances, especially Audrey Hepburn, are incredible, the film is really funny and the film is really sweet overall.
My Rating: 4/5

My Next Glasgow Film Festival review will be Paul with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

14 February 2011

Week of Reviews

Tomorrow I am heading to the Glasgow Film Festival for 4 days. While there I will try and watch as many films as I can and post reviews of them. Right now I am definitely reviewing Breakfast at Tiffany's and Kramer vs Kramer as I already have booked tickets for those films. I will also see Paul and True Grit and I may also see The Fighter, The King's Speech and Tangled. If anyone is reading can you give your thoughts on what I should see. See you soon with my review of Breakfast at Tiffany's

13 February 2011

My Guess on the 2012 Academy Awards Nominations

I know that it's a long way off but I want to give my opinion on Oscar worthy films at the beginning of the year. I am going to redo this list at the end of the year to show the changes in film that have occurred over the year. I will be doing virtually every category with the Documentaries, Foreign Films, Music and Short Films being the ones left out. Lets start with
Best Film:
  • War Horse
  • Hugo Cabret
  • The Iron Lady
  • The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
  • The Tree of Life
  • Super 8
  • Source Code
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

11 February 2011

My Dream Film Project

I have been thinking about film for a long time and have been thinking about a film project that I would like to see made. So to all those who read the blog, I give to you a special treat, my own personal dream film project for the future which I would like to make.

4 February 2011

Happy Birthday Pixar

Yesterday celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Pixar Animation Studios. The only film studio to have never made a bad film, even their worst films are still good. To celebrate this occasion I thought that it would be best to talk about my own personal experiences with Pixar, so lets start.

31 January 2011

Top 10 Films of 2010

2010 has been an incredible year in film, there has been quality film after quality film, so I thought, why not say my favorites, now this list is going by UK release dates so films like True Grit, The King's Speech, Black Swan and 127 Hours cannot be included while Invictus and A Town Called Panic are, so lets go into my top 10 favorite films of 2010.

30 January 2011

New Superman

I have just heard Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman in the new film directed by Zack Snyder and produced by the hideously snubbed Christopher Nolan. Personally, I think it is a great choice. mainly seeing how he looks. He looks perfect for Superman, the way that his face is shaped makes him seem perfect for Superman yet he has the career credits to make a good Clark Kent as well. Here's hoping that we can see him in costume in the near future and that Snyder and Nolan can make a great Superman film

25 January 2011

My Thoughts on the Oscar Nominations

I'm going to say this right now, these are the WORST Oscar nominations since 2005. Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim didn't get a single nomination, Alice in Wonderland got 3 nominations and Christopher Nolan didn't get nominated for Best Director, still I am going to say what I think Will Win and Should Win at these awards, and what is missing.

19 January 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Casting Reveal

It has now been confirmed that Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway will be appearing in The Dark Knight Rises as Bane and Selina Kyle respectively. Tom Hardy looks like he will be a good choice for Bane, matching the strength he showed in Inception with some high brain power and it looks like Bane will be a great villain to use in order to get Batman redeemed for the murders he was accused of in The Dark Knight. The more interesting news is Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. Now if they can get Anne Hathaway into the Catwoman costume then there will be no worries over whether the box office will be good and the film will be very popular with men, if you know what I mean. This could also mean that Christopher Nolan is going along the lines of Selina Kyle being the love interest for Bruce Wayne, as in Batman Returns and in the Batman world this could work really well with a possible reason for Selina Kyle becoming Catwoman being that she was involved with Bruce Wayne and she is becoming Catwoman to get revenge on Wayne, although that is just a guess, still great casting decisions all around, hope to see what the finished product will look like

18 January 2011

My thoughts on the BAFTA nominations

Today the BAFTA nominations were announced, this is the biggest awards show in the UK and as such I feel like i should give my thoughts on the nominations and who will win. For each category I will be doing a Will Win, Should Win and Missing. Ok then, here we go:

15 January 2011

Top 10 Performances of 2010

2010 was an amazing year for performances in film. There were incredible performances from tons of actors and actresses, young and old. Going through 2010 I saw many amazing performances and I want to share my favorites. Now this list can include multiple performances in the same film. So lets dive in:
One other thing, there are spoilers for some of these films, if you don't want to know then don't click the jump

13 January 2011

New Spiderman Costume

Just seen the image of Andrew Garfield in the Spiderman costume from the reboot. Now there is no word on what the mask will look like yet but as of now, you can clearly see that it is Spiderman. Looking on the internet it looks like this costume is more based on Ultimate Spiderman than the 60's Spiderman costume which Sam Raimi used for inspiration. So far I have no negative feelings on the costume, I want to see what it looks like with the mask but as of right now it looks like it will be fine for what Marc Webb wants to serve with his version of Spiderman

9 January 2011

Worst Films of 2010

I haven't seen that many bad films this year because I have some taste but I did see some stinkers this year. Due to having taste I haven't seen Twilight: Eclipse, Sex and the City 2, Remember Me, Eat, Pray, Love, Vomit or Fred: The Movie but here are the 4 Worst Films this year (I only saw 4 bad films)

Top 10 Scenes of 2010

Continuing my best of 2010 lists I am going to talk about my favorite film scenes of 2010 as 2010 had some of the best scenes from the past decade in film and I feel I should honor my favorites. The key rule to this list is a limit of one scene per film so some really good scenes got cut out.

3 January 2011

Most Anticipated Films for 2011 (10 - 1)

Welcome back to my most anticipated films of 2011, I put in all my rules last time so lets dive into my top 10 most anticipated:

2 January 2011

Most Anticipated Films for 2011 (20 - 11)

Now that 2010 has been and gone I feel like I should do a list of my most anticipated films of 2011, point is that there are so many films that I am looking forward to that I have to do 2 lists. So here are my top 20 most anticipated films for 2011, numbers 20-11 (I had no intention to make that awful joke)