29 October 2011

My Ideal Cast for The Power of Five

Right now, one of my favourite book series is the Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz and I am amazed that, seeing how any book series aimed at teenagers can be made into a film, even if it isn't good to begin with (Twilight), this series hasn't been picked up to be made into a film. Seeing as I love this series so much, I think I should tell you who I think should play most of the key roles in the series. I won't be going over the Five themselves because I feel that unknowns should play them. That said, let's start with the main character in the series that isn't a member of the Five:

16 October 2011

I Wasn't Expecting This

A few weeks ago I made a post about the possible directors for the new Twilight Zone film from the good (Christopher Nolan) to the WTF (Michael Bay). Now the director for the film has been revealed as Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield and Let Me In. I did not expect that. While I didn't suspect that Reeves would get the job, looking back on his career, I think Reeves is actually really good for the job. You can say many things about Reeves, good or bad, but you cannot deny that he's fearless. He directed an American remake/adaptation of one of the most highly acclaimed vampire stories of all time, already filmed in what some call the greatest vampire film of all time in its native Sweden, with Let Me In and the reviews of the film were virtually all positive, with the exception of die-hard fans of the original like Mark Kermode. This fearlessness is exactly what a director needs to make a Twilight Zone film and I'm really excited to see what Reeves will do with the film.

9 October 2011

Idiocy At Its Finest

Just when you thought that American's couldn't possibly get any stupider, after a woman in Michigan watches Drive, this happens.

There are no words to describe the sheer level of idiocy on display, this person doesn't even deserve a full face-palm. All they deserve is this:

Edit: Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be any more idiotic stories about Drive, this happens. America, you can be really stupid some times.

3 October 2011

Warner Bros is (virtually) Spot On With Directors

Thanks to Empire, I have found out the possible directors of the new Twilight Zone film. Currently Christopher Nolan is the top choice. Thank God. After Memento, The Prestige and Inception, Nolan is perfect to direct a film based on The Twilight Zone, his signature brand of intelligence and insanity fits well with the tone of certain episodes of The Twilight Zone. Some of the other choices for directors are great as well. After Children of Men I really want to see what Alfonso Cuaron could do with The Twilight Zone and it's great to see offers coming in for David Yates and Rupert Wyatt following their success with the Harry Potter films and Rise of the Planet of the Apes respectively. There's one name on this list however which I find baffling to include. Warner Bros, you're making a serious sci-fi film which is meant to be really intelligent, why, in the name of God, is Michael Bay on the list. If the Transformers films are anything to go on, Bay shouldn't even be on a list of candidates to direct a Twilight Zone film. He can't do intelligence or suspense and I don't think there are many Twilight Zone episodes with the military in them for Bay to fantasize all over. If it was up to me, Nolan would be made director as soon as possible but then again Warner Bros could choose another director and, as long as it isn't Bay, I'll be happy with whoever they choose.

1 October 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie Review

Being a 16 year old in England I am of course a fan of The Inbetweeners, the great characters and the cringeworthy scenes give it the realistic feel that those events really did happen to a group of friends like that. That being said, I initially had some misgivings over this film, it's very rare that feature length adaptations of comedy TV shows work but when they do, they can become comedic classics, see Borat, In The Loop and The Simpsons Movie. Thankfully, The Inbetweeners Movie is a very good film, well fitting as a finale to the story of these characters.