14 April 2011

Source Code Review (contains spoilers)

Yesterday I watched the new film from Duncan Jones, Source Code. Now to give my full opinion on the film I will have to spoil the ending so you have been warned. If you want my summary, go and watch Source Code, it is the best sci-fi film since Inception and will probably be the best sci-fi film of the year, go and watch Source Code as soon as you can. If you have seen the film then click on the jump and read my full thoughts on the film.
The premise of the film reminds me of Inception crossed with Groundhog Day while the plot of the film is very clever with plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing throughout the film, every time you go into the train you think that everyone is involved with the bombing but the revelation of who the bomber is is a bit of a surprise because of the information that you receive and the people on the train all using phones at the time of the bombing. It was also great not to make the bomber a Muslim, not conforming to stereotypes of terrorism raised since 9/11. The acting of the film is incredible, Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant as Coulter Stevens, delivering a ton of the mood of the film and his character through his body and the tone of his voice, Gyllenhaal's eyes providing the best body acting as you can just see the desperation and fear in the character of Stevens through the way that his eyes move. Michelle Monaghan is great in the film as well with her character realistically reacting to the changing scenario of the train during every time the Source Code is activated while having a great chemistry with Gyllenhaal. Vera Farmiga brings great depth to the character of Goodwin with her delivering all the emotion that she needs through the tone of her voice with the arc of her character being suitably human. Jeffrey Wright is okay as Dr Rutledge, his motives are effective as a mad movie scientist and the way that he interacts with Gyllenhaal feels the same. I really want to find out more about the Source Code project, how the project works and how it was created, if you're reading this Duncan Jones, who by the way directs the hell out of the film, I want to see how the Source Code was created. The script in the film is great with suitable twists and turns with the script not forgetting to deliver the emotions in the characters. However there is a problem with the film, there were two sections inside the Source Code that weren't included, why? I want to know what happened in those two trips and to see how Stevens changed reality whilst in them. Still, this is a brilliant film, worth seeing and the ending is incredible feeling justly happy yet sinister with the dialogue making it feel like the Source Code will be seen again in one form. Do not miss Source Code.
My Rating: 5/5

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