17 March 2012

John Carter Review

Now before we begin I feel it's important to say that I am not familiar with the John Carter books but I do recognise that they played a large role in influencing sci-fi for 100 years, from Superman to Avatar. It feels right that the film is coming out 100 years after the first book, A Princess of Mars, was released and the fact that Andrew Stanton, the director of one of my favourite sci-fi films WALL-E, was making his live action debut with this film made me all the more excited. Which is why I'm glad to say that I had a great time with this film, unlike so many others, but there are still a few problems with it.

16 March 2012

My Thoughts on the Dark Shadows Trailer

Now I have been highly anticipating this film for a long time, I did a previous post about the first promotional image from the film and I put it at number 5 in my most anticipated films of 2012 list, and finally a trailer has been released. See my thoughts below the jump.

7 March 2012

Kony 2012

This is something everyone who reads this blog needs to watch. Watch this video and pass it on, then go on the link below to help. Make it so the world knows the name Joseph Kony.

3 March 2012

The Muppets Review (With Bonus Small Fry Mini Review)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love The Muppets, I love the show, I love the characters and I love the films. Hell, The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favourite Christmas movies, just beaten to be my favourite by It's A Wonderful Life. So of course I've been really excited for this new film, how does it hold up? Well, I have to say, I loved this film, it was fun, creative and really made use of the fact that this is the first Muppet film to hit the big screen in over a decade.

2 March 2012

My Predictions on the 2013 Oscar Nominatons

Seeing how this years Oscar season has just concluded, I think it would be best for me to offer my predictions for what will be nominated at next years Oscars. Carrying on from my previous predictions list, I will be including as many categories as I can (discounting the sound based, documentary and short film awards). So here are my predictions for next years Oscars starting with:

Why I Love Movies

After I read Film Critic Hulk's post, Why You Love Movies, I felt I had to say the reasons why I love movies. So here, lovingly ripped off from Film Critic Hulk, are the reasons I love movies.