9 April 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Review

So far I have had two big firsts in my film year, my first Coen Brother's film True Grit and now my first Werner Herzog film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Based on this film I will now be searching out the complete filmography of Herzog to watch in the future. This is a fascinating film, worth watching just to see how beautiful the images in the cave are.
The way that the cave is shot, with limited resources is incredible and the narration given by Herzog really fits in with the mood of the cave, a bit too well. Every time there was a scene that either wasn't in the cave or not narrated by Herzog the film dragged and moved at a snail's pace. Another big problem of the film is the 3D, I understand why Herzog made the film in 3D, in order to show the detail of the cave how he saw it but this film has the same problem every 3D film I've watched has, after a while my eyes started to hurt and I had to take off the glasses. Still, the star of the film is the cinematography, the limited resources at Herzog's disposal and the true beauty of the cave paintings fit together really well with the music fitting the mood of the film and the images of the cave perfectly, creating a feeling like you have gone back to 32,000 years ago. The fact that the paintings look like they were made yesterday is incredible and I am fascinated by how they were painted, what they were painted with and how they survived in such pristine condition when other, newer cave paintings have been constantly deteriorating. I recommend this film, the quality of the images in the cave, the narration by Herzog, the music and the cinematography make up for the 3D, scenes which don't really make much sense (a scene at the end involving albino crocodiles being the most glaring) and some boring bits.
My Rating: 3.5/5

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