29 October 2011

My Ideal Cast for The Power of Five

Right now, one of my favourite book series is the Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz and I am amazed that, seeing how any book series aimed at teenagers can be made into a film, even if it isn't good to begin with (Twilight), this series hasn't been picked up to be made into a film. Seeing as I love this series so much, I think I should tell you who I think should play most of the key roles in the series. I won't be going over the Five themselves because I feel that unknowns should play them. That said, let's start with the main character in the series that isn't a member of the Five:

Richard Cole:
  1. Arthur Darvill
  2. Daniel Radcliffe
  3. Matt Smith
Next are the main villains of the series, starting off with:

  1. Ralph Fiennes (I don't think anyone else can play Chaos)
Jane Deverill
  1. Judi Dench
  2. Maggie Smith
Sir Michael Marsh:
  1. Stephen Fry
  2. Jim Broadbent
Diego Salamander
  1. Sergi Lopez
  2. Doug Jones
  3. Javier Bardem
The Chairman
  1. Jeff Bridges
  2. Ron Pearlman
  3. Sam Elliot
There are also the good characters in the series, so on the good side let's get started with:

DI Mallory:
  1. Noel Clark (again, another character who I can only see one actor playing)
Professor Chambers:
  1. Emma Thompson (Same as above)
Alicia McGuire:
  1. Rosario Dawson
  2. Zoe Saldana
  3. Freema Agyeman
John Trelawny:
  1. Tom Hanks
  2. Nathan Fillion
  3. Denzel Washington
Charles Barker:
  1. Kevin Spacey
  2. Adam Baldwin
  3. Toby Jones
Professor Sanjay Dravid
  1. Dileep Rao
  2. Dev Patel
  3. Anil Kapoor
  1. Jet Li
  2. Donnie Yen
So there is the cast that I would choose for a potential film based off of The Power of Five. If any of you reading that have read this series of books (and if you haven't, go and read them they are excellent books) and have your own thoughts on who you want to play each character, post in the comments below.

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