16 October 2011

I Wasn't Expecting This

A few weeks ago I made a post about the possible directors for the new Twilight Zone film from the good (Christopher Nolan) to the WTF (Michael Bay). Now the director for the film has been revealed as Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield and Let Me In. I did not expect that. While I didn't suspect that Reeves would get the job, looking back on his career, I think Reeves is actually really good for the job. You can say many things about Reeves, good or bad, but you cannot deny that he's fearless. He directed an American remake/adaptation of one of the most highly acclaimed vampire stories of all time, already filmed in what some call the greatest vampire film of all time in its native Sweden, with Let Me In and the reviews of the film were virtually all positive, with the exception of die-hard fans of the original like Mark Kermode. This fearlessness is exactly what a director needs to make a Twilight Zone film and I'm really excited to see what Reeves will do with the film.

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