12 July 2011

The Most Horrific Thing You Will See All Year

I have seen some true horrors over the years, the good kind (Attack the Block) and the bad kind (Mega Piranha) but believe me, I have never seen something as truly horrific as this. This is the only horror I've seen to actually make me feel a little bit ill after watching it. I will include a link to this horror but be warned, those of a nervous disposition should not click on the jump, you will not be prepared for the true horror of the trailer for Jack and Jill staring Adam Sandler.

Good God, Adam Sandler in drag is something I never wanted to see in my life and the effect is horrific. Why did this movie even need to be made and if it is for kids, why would kids want to watch this, it's terrifying. I urge you now, do not watch this film, you will forever regret it if you do and the nightmares caused by the sight of Adam Sandler in drag are your own fault. Also, Al Pacino, you'll need to make about 5 Scarface's and 3 Heat's for geeks to even consider forgiving you for appearing in this.

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