19 July 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

The end of the Christopher Nolan string of Batman films is in sight. The sequel to my third favorite film of all time finally has a trailer, and it is incredible.

First of all, it looks like Christopher Nolan is going to be taking some massive risks in TDKR, the trailer shows Commissioner Gordon in hospital, hooked up to something like life support and talking to Bruce Wayne about Batman. This means that Gordon knows that Wayne is Batman and it also looks like Nolan could kill of Gordon for good, you just never know what Nolan will do next.

Liam Neeson's voiceover from Batman Begins hints that Ra's Al Gulh could be coming back in this film and knowing the secretive nature of Nolan, that could well be a possibility. Through this, it looks like Nolan will be going back to the style of Batman Begins rather than the style of The Dark Knight. The design of Bane looks very menacing and the final main shot of the trailer shows just how powerful Bane is, you have to give credit to Tom Hardy for his transformation into Bane. I also like that you don't see Anne Hathaway as Catwoman yet, it gives an air of mystery over what role she'll play in the story and whether she'll be good or bad.

Overall, this teaser trailer is incredible and it really makes you want to know more about the film. This film looks like it will not disappoint me.

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