9 January 2011

Top 10 Scenes of 2010

Continuing my best of 2010 lists I am going to talk about my favorite film scenes of 2010 as 2010 had some of the best scenes from the past decade in film and I feel I should honor my favorites. The key rule to this list is a limit of one scene per film so some really good scenes got cut out.

10. Giant Killer Penguin - A Town Called Panic - This is pure absurdity. Scientist operating a robotic penguins to throw snowballs all around the world. It's stupid, nonsensical and hilarious, this is the funniest scene from an animated film this year due to the absurdity of it and A Town Called Panic would be worse without it due
9. The Courthouse - Iron Man 2 - This scene gives Robert Downey Jr to go full reign with Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 and shows the great comic timing of both Robert Downey Jr and Sam Rockwell sue to the way they play off each other. Plus this scene leads into a brilliant scene just before the end credits which provides great payoff to Gary Shandling's character
8. The Seven Potters (with the resulting action scene) - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - This scene shows just how far the Harry Potter films have come forward in terms of action. The action is this scene is so fast and fluent that you can really see how advanced CGI has gotten since Philosopher's Stone that and the scene with the characters transforming is actually really funny with the dialogue in that scene exactly like it is in the book and I really enjoyed the scene
7. The Vegan Police - Scott Pilgrim vs The World - This scene is really funny as it allows some complete absurdity to invade a film, this scene allows the comic timing of Tom Jane and Brandon Routh to come through with the dialogue and the set up. This also shows as a powerful reason as to why not to be a vegan, you can get superpowers but cock up three times and you lose them, allowing your enemy to make you burst into coins, really great scene.
6. Yakuza vs Predator - Predators - There is only one word I can use to describe this scene, bad-ass. This is a perfect example of a great swordfight in film, going back to the Japanese Samurai films with constant blood letting and a great end to the fight, I won't spoil it but all I can say is, damn that is awesome. Watch the scene for yourself and see why
5. Toothless' First Flight - How To Train Your Dragon - This scene is stunning, in Imax 3D, you really feel like you are flying, in a much more effective way than in Avatar, yeah I said it, a Dreamworks animated film had a better flying scene than Avatar. This scene also shows off the great landscape that Dreamworks created in this scene and it also shows just how much fun a Dragon can be, PS, to anyone who can create a Dragon like Toothless, you will be the richest man on the planet. This scene shows just how good animated films can be in terms of sheer wonder
4. The Furnace - Toy Story 3 - Bloody hell is this dark. This is a scene which will traumatize young children who watched this scene in the cinema, and I love the scene for that. It also works in the same way as the Married Life montage in Up in that the visuals and the music tell you how to feel with no dialogue and it shows just how far the toys have come together in that they will knowingly go into, basically, hell with each other as it is the only option they have left and in that way it is much more effective than when Andy says goodbye
3. Sean Parker at the Police Station - The Social Network - This scene is held up by the performance of Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker and what a great job he does. This scene shows just how weak and vulnerable Parker really is, despite his outward appearance of immense confidence and if you have seen the film then you know how effective this scene is in terms of the narrative of the film and the film would be a lot weaker without it and the performance of Timberlake
2. Hit Girl's First Appearance - Kick-Ass - This is the scene that put Chloe Grace Moretz on the map. The stuntwork she does in this scene is great and the fight choreography is incredible but it's that line which really makes this scene stand out, you know which line I'm on about. That line made Chloe Grace Moretz an instant icon as Hit Girl and caused the Daily Mail to launch an unsuccessful crusade against the film, hoping to get it banned due to it causing moral outrage and it, of course, backfired and made Kick-Ass more popular. See the review of Kick-Ass here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/reviews/article-1262948/Kick-Ass-Dont-fooled-hype--This-crime-cinema-twisted-cynical-revels-abuse-childhood.html
1. Zero Gravity Fight - Inception - This scene is one of the best fight scenes I have ever seen. The way that Joseph Gordon-Levitt acts this scene and his stuntwork show just how far action has come since the 80's. That and I have to give props to Christopher Nolan for making the corridor revolve practically and creating the fight practically. This scene wouldn't have made the impact it did if it was CG, but because you know that it was done for real makes you appreciate Inception and Christopher Nolan even more. Great action scene and really adds to the mind-bending nature of Inception.

Ok then come back soon for my top 4 Least Favorite Films of 2010.

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