2 January 2011

Most Anticipated Films for 2011 (20 - 11)

Now that 2010 has been and gone I feel like I should do a list of my most anticipated films of 2011, point is that there are so many films that I am looking forward to that I have to do 2 lists. So here are my top 20 most anticipated films for 2011, numbers 20-11 (I had no intention to make that awful joke)

20. War Horse - Two words, Steven Spielberg. Spielberg directing this film automatically puts it onto my list and a great cast, David Thewlis and Benedict Cumberbatch, help to support it, however I have to wonder how the horse is going to be uses if it is a real horse, CGI or animatronics like in the stage show. However a great story could look past this and with Spielberg at the helm this looks very promising.
19. Mission Impossible 4 - Now I wouldn't have put this film on the list until I found out the director, Brad Bird, the director of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille. If Brad Bird can transfer his skills from animation to live action then we are in good hands, and if this works maybe the John Carter movie may finally come out.
18. Cars 2 - Now the first Cars was easily the worst film Pixar made, although it is still a good movie, but in Cars 2 a whole new direction is taken, spy movie. The cast looks great with Michael Caine, Jason Issacs (hello) and Emily Blunt but if it has some scenes in England then the Top Gear crew need to be in it, only Clarkson was in the first one, Hammond and May need to be in the sequel, are you listening Pixar.
17. Johnny English 2 - Now I loved the first Johnny English, it was fun and filled with some good action and it had John Malkovich in full nutcase mode, so I am looking forward to the sequel, especially now that Rowan Atkinson is back as English. This looks like the closest thing we'll get to a new Bond movie for a while so lets enjoy it.
16. Winnie The Pooh - The trailer for the film took me back to my childhood watching videos of the old Winnie The Pooh cartoons, this has an identical style to those and looks like it will cause some powerful nostalgia trips for me and it will be really fun to watch, plus it looks very cute as well, we need more films like this.
15. The Muppets - The last time the Muppets were on the silver screen was 11 years ago, it is time for The Muppets to return. Based on the teaser image it looks like it will just as mental as the original movies, thank God, the Muppets need to be mental and need to have no logic what so ever. Jason Segel, please don't cock this up
14. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Now I haven't seen the original series, or read the book but the plot of the film really intrigues me, a man, George Smiley played by Gary Oldman, who is hired to capture spys from World War 2, code-named Tinker, Tailor and Soldier, there may be more but I don't know them. Like War Horse the cast looks excellent with Tom Hardy, Colin Firth and Ralph Fiennes, and directed by Tomas Alfredson, the director of Let The Right One In, this looks like a very interesting project.
13. Cowboys and Aliens - What else can be said, it's Cowboys fighting Aliens, it could only get more awesome if the aliens had giant, robotic dinosaurs used to trample towns. Really looking forward to this
12. Super 8 - Now I can't go into much detail because I know nothing about the movie, then again no-one except those involved do either. However based on the trailer it looks like a good alien invader movie with some great set pieces, the train crash, really looking forward to this one
11. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Pirates 3 was awful, it made little sense, it was boring and Orloomdo Bland and Ikea Knightly were terrible, however they have been removed and it looks like it will be a good, fun pirate movie with Johnny Depp being great as Jack and it looks like Ian McShane will be brilliant as Blackbeard.

Come back tomorrow for my top 10 most anticipated films of 2011

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