3 January 2011

Most Anticipated Films for 2011 (10 - 1)

Welcome back to my most anticipated films of 2011, I put in all my rules last time so lets dive into my top 10 most anticipated:

10. X-Men: First Class - This is the X-Men film geeks have wanted for years, one with X-Men villains that aren't The Brotherhood. This film looks like it will take its inspiration from the 1960's X-Men comics which will please fans the world over. That and the director is Matthew Vaughn and, as he showed in Kick-Ass, he gets the mindset of comic book fans and as such looks like he will please the hardcore X-Men fans with this film, the only downside is that this is taking time away from making Kick-Ass 2, Matthew, if you are reading this, somehow, let it be known that all comic books fans want Kick-Ass 2, please make it.

9. Sucker Punch - Zach Snyder's first original film, now I want to see how Snyder will handle a film not based on a comic book and, based on the trailers, it looks brilliant, sort of like Inception with robots and dragons. Plus the cinematography looks excellent and the effects are Oscar worthy. Really want to see if the story will match up with the trailers.

8. Source Code - Duncan Jones' first film after Moon looks like it will be a fast paced action film with brains behind it. The way that the plot is structured, based on the trailers, looks incredible and Jake Gyllenhal looks like he will give an incredible performance, that and I really want to know more about the technology that is created in this film and how it can be used to prevent future attacks which is what this film will provide

7. The Adjustment Bureau - This looks to be a very intelligent and twist filled thriller. The general concept of people who control our destiny sounds very scary and as such makes this film look incredible. Based on the trailer, Matt Damon and Terrence Stamp look like they will do great jobs with this film and it looks like this will be a great thriller.

6. Hugo Cabret - This will be the first Scorsese film that I will be able to watch as it sounds brilliant. A fantasy film with robots involving the pioneer of film special effects sold. The cast for this film looks incredible as well, it has Jude Law, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ray Winstone and my favorite actress, Chloe Grace Moretz, if they can all give brilliant performances this looks like it will be a good old fashioned fun ride which looks like it will be in top competition for awards season in 2012

5. The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn - This is one the list just for the people involved. Directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson, with a script written by Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat. This sounds incredible, all these people have done brilliant work apart and it looks like they will do incredible things together which is what I'm hoping Tintin will be

4. The First Avenger: Captain America - Now all previous adaptations of Captain America were, lets be honest, shit. This should be the film which sets it all right for Cap. A great cast with a really good director who can do good action. I am really excited to see how the shield will be used as an effective weapon against the Nazi's and to see if you can take the Cap seriously in his costume. By the way, if Union Jack is in this film, please let him be played by Jason Statham, please we Brits need our own superhero

3. Thor - This is a radical departure for Kenneth Branagh from his usual fare but it looks like he can pull it off. Giant robots, vikings and Anthony Hopkins with a golden eyepatch, this looks like an awesome film and I am really excited to see how it will lead into the Avengers movie and how Thor's hammer will be used in action scenes, based on the trailer, really well and I hope Branagh can pull through with this film

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Part 1 was a brilliant film, dark, suspenseful and filled with great action. Part 2 looks like it will take all of that up to 11 with the epic final battle. It will be sad to see the Harry Potter films go and David Yates looks like he will end the series well, plus I predict that awards season 2012 will be kind to this film, watch this space

1. Paul - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are working together again in a send up of all manner of alien movies. The character of Paul looks like he will be a very fun sendup of the classic design of aliens and it has one of the greatest character names in history, Lorrenzo Zoil, how awesome is that. This looks like a hilarious film and it is great to see Pegg and Frost working together again

Honorable Mentions:
Your Highness
Season of the Witch
Green Lantern
Arthur Christmas

Thanks for reading, come back soon for my top 10 film scenes from 2010

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