27 December 2012

Top 11 Scenes of the Year

So now we are up to the best scenes of the year and the start of my reflection on the films of 2012. Now there were a lot of great film moments from 2012 and it was hard to pick just 10, and so I've put in 11. Now this is the only time that I'll extend one of my lists but there are so many great scenes from last year that I couldn't just limit it to 10. With that said, let's start off with these scenes:

11. Jerusalem Killing - Sightseers - This scene just shows the true Britishness of Sightseers. Even with grisly murder there will be a sense of national pride in what is being done. This is also a great show of the absurdity of the film and a great show of how the Brits feel about our countryside and how we will do anything to preserve it's glory, even if it is incredibly violent.

10. The Script Read - Argo - This scene provides the perfect show of the comedic tone of the film that the world of Hollywood and the world of politics are not too dissimilar. There is also a sense of seriousness through the fake shooting that shows just how important the Argo plan is and how badly things will get if something goes wrong with the plan. This scene is what shows the central message of the film, that anything should be done to prevent any deaths in Iran, even if it means doing a fake script read.

9. The Bathtub Chase - The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists - This scene is good old traditional Aardman absurdest comedy and I wouldn't have it any other way. Just about every mad thing you could think of that's in the house of a 19th Century scientist is literally thrown right at the screen and it is a show of everything that makes Aardman so great.

8. Stan Lee Cameo - The Amazing Spider-Man - This scene is just hilarious. The Stan Lee cameos are a tradition that the majority of Marvel films uphold and by far this was the best of the lot. Lee is brilliant in the scene, just going about his business oblivious to all of the action behind him and this little touch provides a great deal of humour into this scene which the film sorely needed.

7. Bond meets Silva - Skyfall - This is a great show for the power of Silva as a villain and in Javier Bardem's performance in particular. Bardem just controls the screen in this scene and he is so much fun to watch, whilst also being very intimidating. You don't know what he will do next and this feeling is what makes the scene so strong and puts it in this list.

6. The Dinner - Looper - This is a scene that could have gone wrong if even one detail with the performances was out of place. Thankfully, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt work off of each other brilliantly. You really get the sense that you are watching two of the same person talk to each other through the way in which they both embody each other's mannerisms in the film. What more can I say other than, sometimes, great performances can help make a scene.

5. The Drug Lab Fight - The Raid - This scene is just intense. I could put any one of the fight scenes in The Raid on this list but I feel this is the best. The choreography is outstanding, the way it shows how age affects your fight is great, the way it's film is great and again, it's just so intense. When I watched it, I was verbally reacting to all of the brutal stuff in this scene and that right there is the mark of a great fight scene.

4. The Creatures Release - The Cabin in the Woods - Now when I started watching The Cabin in the Woods, I had no idea that something like this would happen. Literally every single creature you can think of from a horror film appears in this scene. Killer clowns: check. Scorpions with buzzsaw tails: check. The Cenobites from Hellraiser: check. Evil unicorns: check. It's just so much fun to see all of this stuff happening in one scene and is the perfect way for The Cabin in the Woods to make it's point about the nature of horror films.

3. Riddles in the Dark - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Here we have a great show of how one scene can make a whole film worth watching. Now I really like this film but the main reason I would see it again would be just on this scene. Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis play off of each other brilliantly in this scene and the writing is just superb. There is nothing more I can say about this other than it's brilliant.

2. Batman vs Bane - The Dark Knight Rises - Here is a scene that is a great show of how action can be used to advance the plot further. A lot of important plot points are dropped in this scene that help show the full scope of the film. It also helps that the fight itself is brilliant. It shows just how powerful Bane is as a villain and shows the odds that Batman faces at the end of the film. The fact that there's no music in this scene also shows the power of the scene itself in that the music doesn't help to manipulate the audience, the scene just speaks for itself, putting this scene in the number 2 spot.

1. Puny God - Avengers Assemble - This scene is, quite simply, perfect. Perfect writing, perfect delivery, just all around perfect. This is the culmination of all the brilliance of Joss Whedon's writing and directing in the film up to this point and is the perfect way to show the villain being defeated, giving Loki all the pain he deserves and also allowing the Hulk to have a great hero moment in the film, bringing Bruce Banner's story arc in relation to the Hulk to it's full conclusion.

Honourable Mentions:
  • The PTA Meeting - Frankenweenie
  • The Scout Camp - Moonrise Kingdom
  • The Seattle Fight - Chronicle
  • Man or Muppet - The Muppets
Next up are my favourite performances of the year.

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