9 August 2012

The Olympic Ticket Scalper

Normally I don't do posts focused on web videos, the most I do is link you to these videos. However on this occasion I have to make an exception simply because this video is so funny.
The first part of this video is hilarious enough with Patrick Stewart on fine comedic form as the Scalper and the different types of tricks he pulls are hilariously done. The comedy is built up when Maisie Williams (Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, excellent series BTW) comes in. I love the fact that everyone is in modern clothes except Stewart and Williams who look like they leapt off the pages of Oliver Twist. The part with Ryan Lotche is great with Stewart, Williams and Lotche having great comedic timing with each other.

The highlight though is the very end segment when Simon Pegg comes in, the bit when he talks with Stewart is funny enough due to the brilliant dialogue but the final reveal damn near floored me I was laughing so much. 

This is a hilarious video and I say you should all watch it ASAP. 

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