27 March 2012

The Carrie Remake Suddenly Gets More Interesting

Today, Chloe Grace Moretz has accepted the lead role in the upcoming remake/re-adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie and the film has suddenly gotten a lot more interesting.
Now first of all, I am not familiar with the Brian DePalma version of Carrie from 1976 but I do understand the significance of Carrie to the horror film community (I am familiar with the book BTW). I'll be going into this in the same mindset I went into the Coen's version of True Grit, and I loved that film so I'm looking forward to this.

The casting of Moretz though has made the film highly interesting simply due to her age versus the age of the other actresses auditioned, simply put, Moretz is about 9 years younger than the other actresses auditioned which is really interesting but much more in line with the King book. This makes it look like the film is taking more risks in terms of the plot of the book as, with a young actress, the horrific imagery in the film, if you've seen the original you know which bits, will become even more horrifying due to them happening to someone that young. It also helps that Moretz is a great actress and I really think she'll do justice to the character, I mean, just look at how good she was in Let Me In. I she brings the same intense level of acting to Carrie as she did in Let Me In, then we know she was the right choice.

I for one, am really looking forward to seeing what Moretz will do with the character and I am now really looking forward to this film.

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