31 December 2013

Top 10 Most Anticipated Films for 2014

Here's my first on the traditional end of year lists, a look forward to next year. Quick thing to say before I start, even though films like 12 Years a Slave and Wolf of Wall Street haven't been released in the UK yet I am not counting them in this list simply because there would be no room for films that are only being released in 2014. With that said, here are my 10 most anticipated films for 2014.

10. Muppets Most Wanted - I love The Muppets and have been eagerly awaiting the next Muppet film ever since the last one came out. Going back to the style of The Great Muppet Caper and adding in Ricky Gervais as the main human character was a great move made by the director, the trailers have shown that there's the potential for a lot of great jokes in the film, there's still the extensive set of cameos from celebrities and I'm hoping that the music numbers in the film are as good as the first film. All that's left to say is touch the fucking frog.

9.The Raid 2: Berandal - The Raid was one of the best pure action films of the past few years and this film looks set to improve on the original in every way. More plot has been added, the fight scenes don't all take place in one building and there are more types of action included in the film, including car chases. This really looks like one of those sequels that'll really expand on what was presented in the original.

8. The Double - I've been a fan of Richard Ayoade for a while now and I'm really interested to see what he does with a bigger cast than his previous film. The pairing up of Ayoade and Jesse Eisenberg is perfect and the plot of a man going insane when his doppleganger does so much better than him fits Ayoade's style. Plus, it's great to see an adaptation of Dostoevsky in 2014.

7. Jupiter Ascending - I've gone on the record many times saying that Cloud Atlas was my favourite film of 2013 and as such, I've been excited for what the Wachowski's would do next. Going into a sci-fi epic honestly feels like the next logical step for the Wachowski's to take considering how eclectic the films they've made in the past have been. The trailers show off how visually stunning the film is and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Wachowski's tackle the class warfare element of the plot.

6. Monuments Men - This film was one of my most anticipated films of last year and it's on this list because George Clooney decided to delay it, simply because he hadn't finished it in time. I love the idea of a war movie arguing that the preservation of art and culture is just as important as saving the people themselves in order to save their history, the cast list is excellent and I've been really impressed by the previous films Clooney has directed and I hope this is another great film.

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Ever since I saw Moonrise Kingdom in the cinema, I've been eagerly awaiting the next Wes Anderson film and this looks like the most Wes Andersonian film he's made. It already has the best cast of the year (honestly, I'm surprised it's taken this long for Saoirse Ronan to be in a Wes Anderson film), the trailers have made the film look really funny and it'll certainly be the most unique film of the year.

4. Rosewater - The first film on the list that hasn't got a confirmed release date and one where the idea behind it is why I want to see it. This is the directorial debut of Jon Stewart about an Iranian journalist arrested and tortured for over 100 days (partly because of an interview he gave on The Daily Show) feels like the perfect thing for Stewart to do for his first film and I'm really looking forward to seeing how Stewart will work this story on screen.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy - Out of the Marvel films being released this year, this is the one I'm looking forward to. Based on what I've heard about this film, along with the post-credit scene in Thor: The Dark World, this looks like the most insane film that Marvel will make yet, looking like a cross between Firefly and The Fifth Element. Honestly, I'm looking forward to this film to see just how insane it gets.

2. Bill - This film hasn't been given a release date yet and I think it's only just started filming but this immediately gains entry on this list, and all subsequent anticipation lists if it's not released next year, through the people making it, the Horrible Histories team. Without any hyperbole, the group of Mathew Bayton, Simon Farnaby, Jim Howick, Ben Willbond, Martha Howe-Douglas and Lawrence Rickard are this generations Monty Python and this looks like their Holy Grail. A comedy retelling of the life of Shakespeare, the involvement of the Horrible Histories team has instantly made this one of my most anticipated films and I hope the success they've had with Horrible Histories and Yonderland is repeated here.

1. Interstellar - Anyone who knows me knows that Christopher Nolan is my all time favourite director. I don't think he's made a bad film yet and I hope this trend continues with this. The idea of wormholes, alternate dimensions and time travel in a Nolan film makes me really excited if he gives those the same care he gave to dreams in Inception. Everything about this film makes this my most anticipated film of 2014.

Honourable Mentions:
  • The Lego Movie
  • How To Train Your Dragon 2
  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Transcendence
The next in this list series will be the top 10 scenes of 2013.

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