12 July 2013

More Dragons

When it was first released, How To Train Your Dragon was one of the biggest surprises from 2010. I went in expecting to have just a fun little time and came out having seen a really heartfelt, action-packed and, especially during the flying scenes, beautiful film. Now the teaser trailer for the sequel has been released and I'm really excited.

Dragons 2 - Bande-annonce teaser [VO HD 1080P] by Mister3ZE Of course the focus in this trailer is on the best element of the first film, the incredible flying scenes and the short scene in the trailer looks just as good as the scenes. The elements of Hiccup developing a harness for him to sustain flight, as well as the film taking place a few years after the original (based on Hiccup's age in the trailer) and it will be interesting to see just how much change the Dragons have brought to Burk. How To Train Your Dragon 2 is now my most anticipated animated film of 2014, just ahead of The Lego Movie and I will be making sure I see it in IMAX so I don't miss out on the beauty of the film if all of the flying scenes are like the one in this trailer. Simply put, in terms of the scope, the beauty and fun of this makes this a prime example of the perfect trailer and one that all other animated films should try and emulate.

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