10 June 2013


Over the past few months, I've been thinking about starting up a blog-a-thon on this site for a select group of films that I like and I've now come to my decision: Political films. But hey, I know everyone has different political beliefs so I'm opening this to anyone who wants to write something about a political film of their choice.

Anyone who wants to contribute, email me at coogsreviews@gmail.com telling me which film you want to cover, your website and Twitter name so that I can properly credit everyone involved and keep checking back here for a list of all contributors and the films they will cover.

To allow enough time for stuff to be written, the blog-a-thon will start on July 27th with my review on In The Loop and end on August 8th with my Top 15 favourite episodes of The West Wing. I hope that this'll be a great way to kick off the first of what I want to be many blog-a-thons.


Dan Heaton - Public Transportation Snob - Game Change

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