25 January 2013

Live Long and May the Force Be With You

Yesterday, news came out that JJ Abrams is being hired by Disney to be the director of Star Wars Episode 7. If this news is true, allow me to say that this is brilliant news.
Not only will the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises finally be untied together but I think JJ Abrams is one of the best sci-fi directors to come along for a while. He did a great job re-introducing Star Trek to the world with the 2009 film and Super 8 was one of the best original sci-fi films of the past decade. I could go on about this more and more but Empire Magazine and Drew McWeeney of Hitflix both said everything that I could say about this choice so if you haven't already, go and read those articles.

One piece of news that has intrigued me though and that is that, when Matthew Vaughn was in the running, he suggested that the lead role in the film should be given to Chloe Grace Moretz. Now I hope Abrams keeps this decision as, as I've stated a lot in this blog, I am a big fan of Moretz and if she's involved she will complete the cycle of becoming the next Natalie Portman. The thing is, I wonder what the plot of the film will involve if Moretz is a top choice for the lead, my guess is that she'll play say Luke Skywalker's daughter if this news is true.

Anyway, my anticipation for Star Wars Episode 7 has now massively increased and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in 2013.

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