13 November 2012

The Force Is With Disney

Over the past few weeks, the biggest film news has been that Disney has bought Lucasfilm and has commissioned a new trilogy of Star Wars films starting in 2015, a year which Disney is now certain to win with box office with this, Avengers 2 and Ant-Man. A lot of people have been hostile at this decision but me, I'm cautiously optimistic.
Over the past few years, Disney has shown that they are highly capable of delivering films to please the geek crowd, in particular Avengers, and it has been a given for years that Disney does own a stake in Lucasfilm so I'm not surprised about the buy-out. With the actual films, I think that, with Lucas in a minor role, if Disney gets a great director on board to match the great writer they have (Michael Arndt who wrote Toy Story 3), someone along the lines of Brad Bird or even get a relative unknown to make their mark, and if the story is strong, then the films could be excellent and could be the Star Wars films that the fans wanted with the prequels.

At the very least, these new films can't be anywhere near as bad as The Phantom Menace and Disney will probably have the sense not to include any Gungans in the film. So here's looking to Star Wars: Episode 7 with optimism.

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