15 September 2012

How Not to Redesign a Character

Over the past few years there have been dozens of remakes floating around the film world, some good (True Grit and King Kong), some bad (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween). Right now, there are some remakes I am optimistic about with the upcoming version of Carrie being the main one which gets the original film but wants to add its own elements and there are others which seem to not get the original film in any way, shape or form and the remake of Robocop is one of them, as shown by the first shot of Joel Kinnaman in the Robocop suit.

That is not Robocop, this in no way even resembles Robocop. What the film-makers have done here is take the iconic image of Robocop, throw it out the window and instead turn him into the love child of Christopher Nolan's Batman and Judge Dredd.

I have given up hope for this remake being any good, first the only member of the cast I was interested in seeing, Hugh Laurie as the villain, left and now this. Thank God Pacific Rim is coming out around the same time, we'll be able to see some good sci-fi in proper 2D, as long as Warner Bros aren't stupid enough to make the film in 3D. 

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