26 June 2012

Best of 2012: Halfway Through the Year

Now that the year is half done (and the fact that this coincides with the Good Doctor putting up his best of 2012 halfway through the year list here), I feel that I should do a brief little show on my thoughts and rankings of the films I've seen this year and different categories in these films (with there being 5 entries per list), starting off with:
Best Performance:
  1. Mark Ruffalo - Avengers Assemble
  2. Michael Fassbender - Prometheus
  3. Edward Norton - Moonrise Kingdom
  4. Dane DeHaan - Chronicle
  5. Lynn Collins - John Carter
Best Scenes:
  1. Puny God - Avengers Assemble
  2. Bathtub Chase - The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists
  3. Life's A Happy Song - The Muppets
  4. The Scout Camp - Moonrise Kingdom
  5. The White Ape Fight - John Carter
Best Characters (in terms of writing, not performance):
  1. Mr Bobo - The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists
  2. Bruce Banner - Avengers Assemble
  3. Griffin - Men in Black 3
  4. Sam Shakusky - Moonrise Kingdom
  5. Andrew - Chronicle
Most Anticipated for the Rest of the Year:
  1. The Dark Knight Rises
  2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  3. Skyfall
  4. Looper
  5. Argo
Special Awards for Halfway Through the Year Go To:

Most Wasted Actor: Toby Jones - The Hunger Games

Biggest Surprise: Chronicle

Biggest Disappointment: Prometheus

Most Overrated: The Hunger Games

Most Underrated: Tie between John Carter and Dark Shadows

Finally we get to:
Best Films:
  1. Avengers Assemble
  2. Moonrise Kingdom
  3. Chronicle
  4. The Muppets
  5. The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists
Let's hope that the second half of 2012 can produce more films as good as the 5 above, showing just how good a year for film 2012 will be.

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