6 March 2011

My Take on the "Super" Trailer

The trailer for the film Super came out a few days ago and I want to give my thoughts on the trailer. As of now, all Super looks like is a more extreme version of Kick-Ass. Nothing wrong with that mind you, I loved Kick-Ass but the trailer looks like it is missing some of the charm that made Kick-Ass great. The motive for Rainn Wilson, who is giving the performance of his life based on the trailer, makes the character seem quite unlikable based on the trailer, with the motive looking just like revenge. Ellen Page looks like she will do a great job as Libby, yet Page doesn't quite present the shock factor and bad-assery that Chloe Grace Moretz brought in with Kick-Ass. Liv Tyler doesn't do much, this is just a teaser trailer and I am looking forward to seeing more footage of Kevin Bacon and Nathan Fillion in the film. Overall, Super looks like it will be a good, violent movie, yet it has to present a lot more in order to convince people that it isn't just Kick-Ass without the charm.

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