13 December 2010

Broadcast Film Critic Awards: My Guess on who will win

Since the BFCA's can predict who would win at the Oscars, I'm going to guess who will win and also give my backups, just in case, lets start of with Best Film:
Winner: The Social Network
Backup: Inception/Black Swan/The King's Speech

Best Director:
Winner: Christopher Nolan - Inception
Backup: David Fincher - The Social Network

Best Actor:
Winner: Colin Firth - The King's Speech
Backup: James Franco - 127 Hours

Best Actress:
Winner: Natalie Portman - Black Swan
Backup: Jennifer Lawrence - Winter's Bone

Best Supporting Actor:
Winner: Christian Bale - The Fighter
Backup: Geoffrey Rush - The King's Speech

Best Supporting Actress:
Winner: Melissa Leo - The Fighter
Backup: Helena Bonham Carter - The King's Speech

Best Young Actor/Actress:
Winner: Chloe Grace Moretz - Kick-Ass
Backup: Chloe Grace Moretz - Let Me In/Hailee Steinfeld - True Grit

Best Acting Ensmeble:
Winner: The Social Network
Backup: The Town/The Fighter

Best Original Screenplay:
Winner: Inception
Backup: Black Swan/The King's Speech

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Winner: The Social Network
Backup: 127 Hours/Toy Story 3

Best Animated Film:
Winner: Toy Story 3
Backup: How To Train Your Dragon/The Illusionist

Best Action Film:
Winner: Inception
Backup: The Town/Kick-Ass

Best Comedy:
Winner: Easy A
Backup: Cyrus/I Love You Phillip Morris

Best Made for TV Movie:
Winner: The Pacific
Backup: You Don't Know Jack

Best Documentary:
Winner: Restrepo
Backup: Waiting For Superman

Best Original Song:
Winner: We Belong Together - Toy Story 3
Backup: If I Rise - 127 Hours

Best Score:
Winner: Inception
Backup: The Social Network/127 Hours

Best Cinematography:
Winner: Inception
Backup: 127 Hours/Black Swan

Best Art Direction:
Winner: Inception
Backup: Alice in Wonderland/Black Swan

Best Editing:
Winner: Inception
Backup: 127 Hours/The Social Network

Best Costume Design:
Winner: Black Swan
Backup: Alice in Wonderland

Best Makeup:
Winner: Black Swan
Backup: Alice In Wonderland/Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Best Visual Effects:
Winner: Tron Legacy
Backup: Inception/Alice in Wonderland

Best Sound:
Winner: Inception
Backup: 127 Hours

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