27 November 2010


Hello, this is Tonycoogs, in charge of coogsfilmblog. I wish to say hello to you. This is my first post of blogs like these so I am really nervous as to how my blog will look. This will be the start of many film posts in the future. In this blog I will talk about my own views on film news, give my reviews, top 10s and looks on all the major film awards. I look forward to a good future for this blog and hope that this will be the start of many more blogs in the future. Oh and Hello to Jason Issacs.

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  1. Hello Tony, from Canada...Came across your blog by chance. Never really got into the blogging thing, but then I'm more or less new to the internet.Kind of like the fact that the first blog I took the time to read was by someone who is writing their first blog.....but then I am a Geek in a grat many things...best of luck, I'll be looking for you in the future.Happy New Year !